(Incorporated in Victoria - A22838K)
PO Box 674, Ringwood, Victoria 3134, Australia.


Auctions are held at the Stirling Theological College, 44-60 Jacksons Road, Mulgrave. Melway 80 K3.
Please make your descriptions accurate and honest. Our auction software limits the description to 60 characters including spaces. Descriptions longer than 60 characters will be edited to make them fit. Goods listed as working may be required to be demonstrated on the day.

PLEASE NOTE: Reproduction radios and prints (such as Photostats and copies) should be described as reproductions.
A minimum reserve of $20 will apply. If you are prepared to accept less than $20 for an item, please do not enter a reserve.
All valves described as, OK, NIB or TESTED must be marked with the seller"e;s name and telephone number. Any unmarked valves will be sold as condition unknown”.

In order to meet Victorian electrical safety requirements, all secondhand, mains-operated electrical equipment must carry a label with the following inscription:

DANGER - Do not use or connect to supply.
This electrical equipment may be faulty and should be inspected and tested by a competent person in accordance with AS/NZS3760.

It is the seller”s responsibility to fit this label, mains-operated items not so marked will not be included in the auction.

There is a maximum of 250 lots from members, with each seller limited to 15 lots on a first-in basis. You may enter extra lots, over the limit of 15, but these will be included only if space is available.

Registration of goods will be accepted until the Monday 19 days prior to the auction, or when 250 items are received (whichever occurs first).

Goods for auction can be registered by mail using the form printed on the other side of this sheet and posting it to HRSA Auction, PO Box 674 Ringwood, Vic 3134, enclosing a DL or larger stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of your list with your allocated lot numbers inserted. If you do not provide an SSAE, your list will not be returned by mail however your list will be e-mailed if you supply your e-mail address. Lists can also be e-mailed to: Mike Justin in which case your lot numbers will be returned by e-mail.

If you provide your e-mail address on the entry form, the catalogue will be e-mailed to you as soon as it is ready, usually about 10 days prior to the auction.

Sellers will be advised of their lot numbers approximately ten days before the auction date and are required to bring goods for auctioning to the auction venue between 9.00 AM and 10.30 AM at the latest on the day. They must be clearly marked with their lot numbers and, on mains operated equipment, a safety label.

Sellers should note that a 10% commission will be deducted from the bid price by the HRSA. This more or less covers the cost of the venue.

Goods registered for auction must be submitted at the auction and not traded privately beforehand.

Potential buyers must be current financial HRSA members.

Buyers may view goods from 11.00 AM, and the auction will commence at 12.00 PM.

During the auction proceedings the auctioneer"e;s decision is final.

Buyers and sellers must show proof of ownership (i.e. receipt, or HRSA issued seller slip for unsold goods) to enable goods to be removed from the College. Payment can be made only at the end of the auction.


(Incorporated in Victoria - A22838K)

PO Box 674, Ringwood, Victoria 3134, Australia.


Don”t forget to include a stamped self-addressed envelope if you want your entry returned by mail.

Do not write in this column; your allocated lot numbers will be written here before the form is returned to you.

* Condition description: In addition to the usual one-word condition descriptions such as ”Good”, ”Fair”, ”Bad”, ”OK” ”Broken” etc. that can be fitted into the space provided, the following codes may also be used: Working: W, Not working: N, Untested: U, New-in-box: NIB, New-old-stock: NOS, Reproduction: Repro,

Display only (valves): DO.