Hikers-1 project

HRSA Club Projects

Here are a list of some of the construction projects that that HRSA has sponsored in recent years. For details of issues covering these, search the 'Radio Waves' indexes.

2010: A solid state AM Mini Transmitter (Part 1 - January, Part 2 - April)

2008: Revisiting the Hikers One valve radio (Part 1 - January, Part 2 - April)
Photos by Kevin Poulter of some entries and more entries

2007: A 90v 'B' battery for valve portable radios (October)

2006: A one-transistor "Super Radio" (Part 1 - April, Part 2 - July)

2005: An Electronic choke replacement (July)
2005: A Replacement 2v battery for farm radios (October)

2004: A variable voltage, variable current limit Bench Power Supply for servicing Transistor Radios (January)

2003: The 'Elwood', a 50's style mantel radio (Part 1 - April, Part 2 - July)
2003: Capacitor Leakage Tester (October)

2002: "All Wave Two" receiver
2002: Solid State Vibrator replacement
2002: Output Meter

2001: Electrolytic Capacitor Re-Former
2001: Double-Conversion Superhet
2001: Battery Set Power Supply

2000: Build a replica Browning-Drake
Ray Creighton has set up a site on the HRSA Browning-Drake construction project:
This contains a large amount of information on the design and construction of the Browning-Drake receiver.

1999: 3-Valve Signal Tracer

1998: Mini-Cathedral Radio, the "Warwick 2/4"

1997: The "MATE" AM Mini-Transmitter

1996: The "Little General"

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