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'Radio Waves' is the quarterly publication of the Historical Radio Society of Australia inc. with editions published mid-month in January, April, July and October. Issues are printed in a high quality format and are now at least 40 pages in length and prove a valuable reference source for members. In recent years covers have been printed in full colour and from mid-2009 most illustrations are also in colour. Its articles, which are usually written by members, are of a high standard, well illustrated and covering a wide range of topics relevant to the history of radio and collecting of older equipment including

and much more.

A list of the contents of every issue, normally including the latest, can be found in our Index by Issue

Click to see a sample cover, page or circuit from 'Radio Waves' or for a free sample issue . Note that the last is a big pdf of 22Mb.

Articles and photos from members are most welcome and advertising of members' sales, wants and services in the 'HRSA Market Place' section of 'Radio Waves', is free.

The October 2009 and January 2010 issues contain two articles on the History of Microphones and as an adjunct to them, you can hear actual recordings made with some of those described.

'Radio Waves' Indexes

There are two indexes of our journal available covering every copy from the first in 1982 and are updated after each issue. The indexes are in two different sequences, chronological (listing the contents of each issue) and by subject (eg make and then model of radio). Searching for a radio such as AWA is done by entering the word AWA in the article text box then clicking on [Search]. The search can select one item from a drop down such as 1548-ma then clicking on the [Search].

The [Reset] button returns you to the initial index with every item displayed.

Click for Index sorted by Issue, date and page.

Click for Index sorted by Subject area, radio make and type

Old PDF indexes are located at the bottom of the page. Old PDF's

R&H, RTV&H and EA Index

One of our members, Ray Tampion, has prepared an index containing articles relevant to HRSA interests from Radio & Hobbies, Radio Television & Hobbies and Electronics Australia magazines. These magazines catered for Australian hobbyists interested in radio and electronics for a period of about 60 years from 1939. Entries are listed by issue within each topic. You can download this in pdf form and use the built in search facilities of this format. The index is being updated from time to time.

Click to download Index by Topic in pdf format (about 200Kb) - last updated 12/5/09.

'Silicon Chip' list of Vintage Radio articles.

'Silicon Chip', the popular electonics magazine, has contained a regular monthly article on Vintage Radio since 1988. Our listing contains all the titles up the most recent issue. These articles are currently written by Maurie Findlay. The Silicon Chip website allows you to view the first page of each article from the Archived Articles section.

Click to view or download the list of Vintage Radio Titles by Issue as a text file.

'Australian Radio Brands' by Manufacturer.

This list of Australian radio brands has been prepared by Arthur Courtney, who would appreciate feedback and further contributions. His contact details are on the Brand List which is in HTML format (updated 12/02/2017).

'Australian Radio Models' by Manufacturer.

This list in PDF format of Australian Radio models by maker and date from about 1930 to 1955 has been created by Stuart Irwin, who expects to add to it from time to time. Details for models include, where known, the set type, chassis types, valve line-up, IF frequencies, the AORSM entry, if applicable, as well as other snippets of information. There are a few imported models as well.

Transformers & Chokes

View or download PDF catalogues of

A&R Transformers for April 1966. Note that this is a large file of 22MB.

Red Line Transformers for 1948.

Australian Broadcasting 1923-1924

This book by Ron Langhans covers the first year of Australian broadcasting in 1923/24. Ron has carried out extensive research using contemporary newspapers and journals to provide a definitive history of individual stations and the relevant legislation and debunks many of the previous assumptions which have been largely based on secondary sources.

Click to Download "The First Twelve Months of Radio Broadcasting in Australia (1923-1924)". Note that this is a large file of 10MB.


This book by RCA USA donated by Kevin Poulter.

Click to Download "The file is a medium large file of 6MB.

The old Radio Wave PDF indexes are located here.

(Please note the PDF's are not maintained).

Click for old PDF Index sorted by Issue, date and page.

Click for old PDF Index sorted by Subject area, radio make and type

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