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Included here are only sites that have particular relevance to our members. There are many sites relating to radio collecting and those of specialist interest can usually be found with a search engine.

HRSA Members' web sites

Members should contact the webmaster to have their site included here.

  • Glenn Baddeley website has good valve reference links.
  • Greg Whiter web article covering the early history of electricity and radio up to the broadcast era.
  • Ian McLean web page - Specialist Collins gear site.
  • Ian O'Toole "Kurrajong Radio Museum". Has many data pages covering descriptions, circuits and photos, largely of Australian and overseas military radios, though the actual museum covers a much wider field.
  • Kevin Chant web site - a mine of information with circuits, pictures, parts etc
  • Phil Storr valve radio website
  • Mike Melzer Mike's Radios and Electronics web site.
  • Rays Robinson & Poularas shared site with a huge amount of information about, and the restoration of, mainly military and commercial radios.
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Vintage Radio parts suppliers

The HRSA has no commercial interest in the following companies. They are only listed here to help those interested to find parts etc.

Yahoo email discussion groups

These groups are a useful source of technical information and exchanging views on radio collecting matters.

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Transistor Supplies

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