HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 23/09/2017
Condition codes (as provided by the sellers):
DO: Display Only, EC: Excellent Condition, FC: Fair Condition, GC: Good Condition, NIB: New in Box, NOS: New Old Stock, NW: Not Working, PC: Poor Condition, PO: Perfect Order, R: Restorable, RW: Requires Work, U: Untested/Unknown, VGC: Very Good Condition, W: Working.

1New Zealand Clipper model 5M4 Cream mantle radio with red knobsVGC U 40Home brew 1920s radioGC U
2Mullard good cabinet but has broken dial glassFC U 41Ekco model RM 204 GC U
3Peter Pan painted greenVGC U 42AWA R37 Empire state good cabinet the missing badge is availableFC R
4Healing 505EVGC U 43Operadio speaker case small model no speaker insideGC U
5Astor JJVGC U 44Sterling Dinkie speaker complete with driver made in SydneyGC U
6Croydon brown bakeliteVGC U 45Early Grodan crystal set loose couplerVGC U
7Airzone brown bakelite mantleFC U 46Cathode Ray tube on standGC U
8Mullard model 52GC U 47Two valve prof Doerle receiverGC U
9Stromberg Carlson green bakeliteFC U 48Farmer brown bakelite case onlyGC U
10Operatic model 502 bakelite radioGC U 49Radiolia model 174 wrong knobs otherwise good conditionGC U
11Tasma model 1010 mantle radioGC U 50Kriesler model 11-71 mantle radioGC U
12Philips mantle radio with new replacement dial glassGC U 51Peter Pan model BKS Battery setGC U
13AWA model 516MY has small crack in top of caseFC U 52HMV model 21 early 2 volt battery setGC U
14AWA cream bakelite mantle small stress markGC U 53Unidyne kit radioVGC U
15AWA model 500Y browm bakelite mantleGC U 54Amplion speaker model AC9 GC U
16Astor model HQN blue bakelite cabinet VGC U 55Astor battery electric portable radioGC U
17HMV cabinet only for battery chassisVGC U 56Ekco model RM204 maroon caseVGC U
18Philips blue bakelite mantle radio small crack in cabinetFC U 57AWA maroon case only for model 517MVGC U
19STC model A4100 Niagara falls crack in caseFC U 58Airzone model radio star model 405 battery setGC U
20Atwater Kent speaker the smaller modelGC U 59Radesco model DX5 complete with valvesVGC U
21Tasma model 1005GC U 60Atwater Kent large speakerGC U
22Kriesler model 11-20GC U 61Stromberg Carlson crack in caseFC U
23Astor green bakelite has small crack Model HNQFC U 62Airzone radio star case onlyFC U
24STC 141 dial glass needs attentionGC U 63STC model 504 broken grillPC U
25Peter Pan model BKMVGC U 64AWA portable model 450P some cracks on edgeFC U
26AWA Radiola model R31 Empire State GC U 65Astor model DL VGC U
27Astor cream bakelite mantle radio model HNQVGC U 66Mullard mantle radioVGC U
28Ekco salmon colour bakelite cabinet small crackFC U 67Kriesler model 11-4 crack in caseFC U
29Astor model GS widows peak Burgundy cabinet wrong knobsGC U 68Kriesler model 11-4GC U
30Peter Pan brown bakelite radioGC U 69Philips bakelite radioGC U
31Ekco model RM204 grey cabinet missing knob GC U 70Philips model 111A factory painted blueGC U
32European radio brand name is Antena GC U 71Astor model FP FC U
33Early Telefunken radio 110V mainsVGC U 72Silvertone Cathedral Radio 110 volt American radioVGC U
34Astor Mickey model KPM wrong knobs otherwise VGCVGC U 73Atwater Kent model 35VGC U
35Marconi dull emitter valve not workingDO NW 74Hotpoint model W55mex cream mantle radioGC U
36Philips radio green cabinetVGC U 75Astor GKM cream mantle radioVGC U
37Astor Aladdin model GF missing valvesFC U 76Peter Pan model GKL white bakelite cracked dial glassFC U
38Ekco model RM204 tan colour crazing on dial glassFC U 77HMV model A13 cream case VGC U
39Astor model DLVGC U 78Philips model 112A green caseGC U

HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 23/09/2017

79Mullard model mas 1000 case in good condition missing stations dial on glassGC U
80Peter Pan model EKRBPC U
81Healing model 401B battery set bakelite case missing knobsGC U
82Ekco RM204 Blue case missing knobsGC U
83Radiola green plastic case model 457MAVGC U
84Paramount radio in timber cabinetGC U
85Aizone model 5056AGC U
86Kriesler mantle radio model 11-20GC U
87STC model A4100 cracked dial glassFC U
88Astor Mickey model GKM white case in good condition dial needs attentionGC U
89Healing model 552E small crack in casePC U
90Stromberg Carlson wrong knobs GC U
91BTH bakelite speakerVGC U
92Globe transistor radioGC U
93Zenith radio timber cabinetGC U
94AWA portable maroon case model 450PGC U
95Breville pick me up metal case onlyFC U
96Bakelite case only suite mystery radioVGC U
97Generic bakelite case used by Kriesler - Airchief and kit producers.VGC U
98Democrat case has a crack.FC U
99Airzone case to suite model radio 4A1A1GC U
100Astor case only suit Astor JJ chassis VGC U
101Astor Aladdin case onlyGC U
102Ekco miniature transistor radioVGC U
103Miniature transistor radioVGC U
104Astor model MZ baby grande VGC U
105Healing model 404E scales radio has small crackGC U
106AWA model R32 Marble empire state very good cabinetVGC W
107HMV very attractive radioVGC U
108N&K very unusual and attractive timber speakerVGC U
109RCA Victor R70VGC W
110AWA big empireVGC W

Program by Ron Soutter for the HRSA Australia.