HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 19/08/2017
Condition codes (as provided by the sellers):
DO: Display Only, EC: Excellent Condition, FC: Fair Condition, GC: Good Condition, NIB: New in Box, NOS: New Old Stock, NW: Not Working, PC: Poor Condition, PO: Perfect Order, R: Restorable, RW: Requires Work, U: Untested/Unknown, VGC: Very Good Condition, W: Working.

1Technico Aristocrat brown U 60Astor Mickey cream U
2Technico Aristocrat brown U 61Philips cream U
3Philips 83132 grey U 62Philips blue U
4Precedent 4V cream U 63Philips cream U
5Kriesler 11-80 Maroon U 64Philips blue U
6AWA 418MB cream U 65Philips brown U
7Astor Gem 56533 green U 66Astor burgundy/cream U
8Astor Gem green U 67Astor cream U
9Astor Gem Red/Yellow U 68Astor green U
10Hotpoint cream U 69Astor cream U
11Astor brown/yellow U 70Aristone cream U
12AWA Radiola brown U 71Peter Pan brown U
13AWA Radiola Clock Burgundy/Green U 72Kriesler cream U
14AWA Radiola cream U 73Kriesler cream U
15AWA Radiola brown U 74Kriesler grey/cream U
16Aristone cream U 75Philips silver U
17Aristone cream U 76Peter Pan brown U
18Aristone cream U 77Philips brown U
19Technico cream U 78Astor Mickey cream U
20AWA Radiola Brown/Cream U 79Astor Mickey cream U
21STC 141 brown U 80Astor Mickey yellow U
22STC 141 brown U 81Astor Mickey green U
23STC 141 brown U 82Breville Portable U
24STC 141 brown U 83Philips burgundy U
25Astor Mickey cream U 84Monarch brown U
26AWA Radiola Burgundy/Cream U 85Peter Pan cream U
27Astor Mickey Brown/Ivory U 86Astor cream U
28Astor Mickey Brown/Ivory U 87HMV brown U
29Astor Mickey brown U 88HMV burgundy U
30Astor Mickey brown U 89Philips brown U
31Astor Mickey cream U 90Kriesler brown U
32Astor Mickey ivory U 91Airzone white U
33Astor Mickey ivory U 92AWA Radiola brown U
34AWA Radiola ivory U 93Kriesler D/W cream U
35Astor Mickey ivory U 94Kriesler D/W brown U
36AWA Radiola Clock Radio cream U 95Peter Pan brown U
37AWA Radiola Clock Radio Burgundy/Cream U 96Peter Pan brown U
38AWA Radiola Yellow/Cream U 97Genelex brown U
39STC Pixie red U 98Airzone cream U
40Rambler red U 99Tasma brown U
41Admiral burgundy U 100Precedent brown U
42AWA Radiola cream U
43Astor cream U
44AWA Radiola Burgundy/Cream U
45Astor Mickey cream U
46AWA Radiola black U
47Astor brown U
48Astor Pale Green/Yellow U
49Astor black U
50Philips yellow U
51Philips Brown U
52Kriesler green U
53Astor mickey cream U
54Philips white U
55Astor cream U
56Mystery radio brown U
57Astor burgundy U
58Philips cream U
59Philips blue U

Program by Ron Soutter for the HRSA Australia.