HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 22/07/2017
Condition codes (as provided by the sellers):
DO: Display Only, EC: Excellent Condition, FC: Fair Condition, GC: Good Condition, NIB: New in Box, NOS: New Old Stock, NW: Not Working, PC: Poor Condition, PO: Perfect Order, R: Restorable, RW: Requires Work, U: Untested/Unknown, VGC: Very Good Condition, W: Working.

1Aristrocrat Technico model 751VGC W 44Astor model JJ brown case table radioVGC U
2Radiola with home made chassisGC U 45Philips portable record playerVGC U
3Astor Mickey model DL In a spectacular marble bakelite cabinetVGC U 46Healing radio fitted with a Philips chassis cream caseGC U
4Technico fortress model 1051 cream caseVGC U 47HMV brown valve mantle missing knobs cracked casePC U
5Astor mickey creamVGC U 48AWA radiola mantle radio cream caseVGC U
6Aristrocrat model B40 brown caseVGC U 49Healing Kitchen scales brown cabinetVGC U
7Philips mantle model 123 brown caseVGC U 50AWA Radiola plastic case dual colour red - brownVGC U
8Astor mickey brown case model KMVGC U 51Healing portable radioVGC U
9Kriesler 6 throat duplex cream caseVGC U 52Diason portable battery radioVGC U
10AWA mantle eggbeater brown caseVGC U 53HMV mantle radio cream cabinetVGC U
11Precedent 4 valve mantle cream caseVGC U 54Healing Golden voice mantle radio VGC U
12Healing golden voice model T401E brown caseVGC U 55Q plus crystal setVGC U
13 Mystery brand broadcast and short wave mantleVGC U 56CS3 Silver sonic pick up cartridgeNOS U
14genelxe roller dial twin four brown caseVGC U 57Small brown horn speakerVGC U
15Astor Mickey cream caseVGC U 58Four Turntables, Garrard and BSRFC 
16Astor Mickey brown model KMVGC U 59R&H Noise & Distortion set, restoredGC 
17Aristone mantle broken grey casePC U 60BWD 821 CROVGC 
18STC compact mantle model 141VGC U 61Bush type Dac 90 radio cream GC NW
19National extension speakerVGC U 62NZ bell radio white bakelite radioGC W
20STC Tymatic clock radio red plastic caseVGC U 63 Mullard Tombstone radio brownGC W
21Astor mickey cream mantleVGC U 64Astor Model GR/GRP Football radio brownGC W
22Astor mickey brown mantleVGC U 65Electrosound metal case radio BurgundyGC W
23Healing golden voice model 552A mantle brown case battery set.VGC U 66STC model B141 brown bakelite radioGC W
24Astor Mickey mantle brown case model HPMVGC U 67Peter Pan snail radio painted greenGC W
25Aegis mantle brown case 4 valveVGC U 68Tasma radio caramel bakelite GC W
26Technico fortress mini cream case model 1140VGC U 69Avo CT160 Valve tester plus manualGC W
27Astor widows peak brown case VGC U 70STC A5130 Waterfall Green radioGC W
28Astor Mickey model HPM cream case painted orange GC U 71Airzone model 525 High bakelite Note: battery setGC NW
29HMV little ripper model 61-51 cream caseVGC U 72Lekmek mantel, completeGC U
30Astor Mickey model QK brown caseVGC U 73Kriesler 3K01, completeGC U
31Malvern star mantle brown case VGC U 74AWA Radiola model 91 completeGC U
32Philips model 123 mantle brown caseVGC U 75STC model C257, completeGC U
33Silvertone 7 valve timber table rado very powerful radio VGC U 76Radio & Hobbies 1947 & 1951, completeGC 
34HMV mantle in smart black plastic case model 62-52VGC U 77Radio & Hobbies from 40's and 1950 as displayedFC 
35GEC timber table radio model BC6540GC U 78JVC HD set top box with down conv. Watch HDTV on Std TV or VGAEC PO
36Astor table radio 5 valve GC U 79Panasonic VCR/VHS HIFI 20 hrs use, new with Remote Model NVHV62EC PO
37Kriesler transistor radio dual powerVGC U 80Panasonic VCR/VHS HIFI 20 hrs use, new with Remote Model NVHV62EC PO
38Philips table radio model BX490VGC U 81Astor Mickey, 1946 good dial, needs restoration NO CRACKS Mod KLFC W
39Kriesler transistor radio black caseGC U 82Stromburg (USA) Cathedral restored timber cabinet VGC W
40Thorn champion valve portable radioVGC U 83HMV table model 444 fully restored timber cabinet and radioGC W
41STC portableVGC U 84AORSM service manualls complete set of 12GC 
42Philips model 196A portable radio grey caseVGC U 85Tech TE-220 high quality audio generator sine and square wave VGC PO
43Philips maroon and cream portable valve radioVGC U 86Variable power supply 20 Volt 5amp VGC W

HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 22/07/2017

87Telefunken 1920s three valve receiver very early 110v mains GC U 130HMV RADIO/TV plastic shop sign 
88Heathkit RF/AF signal tracer model IT-5283 with original manualVGC U 131Old wooden telephone U
89AWA valve mantle radio painted powder blueVGC W 132Two Telegraphy / Telephony books 
90Radiofone compact radio U 133Vintage Morse sounder U
91Tela-Verta mantel radio W 134Philmore crystal set in box U
92Croyden console cabinet, 1930s  135Home-brew coil winding machine W
93Record set: 1950's popular hits  136Philips digital multimeter with Nixie tubes and manual W
94Ferranti chassis and speaker U 137HMV 'Consort' transistor radio U
95Rare 'Targan' Bakelite escutcheon  13819 inch rack mount monitpr amplifier with circuit W
96Complete HMV vibrator unit U 139Box of various meters U
97Aegis compact cabinet  140Box of telephone cables and connectors U
981930's Raycophone escutcheon  141Three 12 V DC fans & power supply U
991937 Westinghouse cabinet  142Marconi modulation meter type TF2003B with instruction manual U
100HMV Wooden cabinet  143Altec remote volume controls, Qty. 4 U
1011930's peephole escutcheon  144Box of 57 empty CD casesGC 
102HMV wooden table radio U 145Box of communication and entertainment speakersFC 
103Ferguson Field Man radio  146Box of N, BNC, F & other leads / connectors , cig. ltr adaptors U
104Qty. 3: 'Listener-in' magazines from 1928  147Hand microphone No.3 U
10511 copies of Radio World (US) magazines - Jan to Sep 1933GC  148Toshiba boom-box, recapped U
10612 copies of Radio World (US) magazines - Oct to Dec 1933GC  149HMV Little Nipper model 64-52GC W
107Box of early vintage radio battery valves U 150GE Superadio AM / FM model EA7-2287AGC W
108Box of rare 1920s components/parts U 151Small Gecophone Console model 3244 from 1931 - RareGC W
1091920s Radiokes Shielded Coil in original boxNOS  152S.G.Brown 'cabinet' loudspeaker Type C 2000 ohmsGC W
110Box of valve sockets including 1920sGC  153One pair of headphones - high impedanceFC W
111Jar of parts for valve repair including earthing clips U 154AWA Battery Portable model P450 brown bakeliteGC W
112Box of early vintage radio battery valves U 155RCA Radiola 18 -1920's timber coffin box - requires 110 volts GC W
113Box of CV/VT military/special quality valvesNOS  156Coil winding machine - variable speed and turns counterGC W
114Box of 11 type 80 ST style vintage valves, Tested W 157AWA 8 Transistor PortableGC W
115Box of 16 type 6SQ7GT valves U 158Little General from 1946 Radio & Hobbies very well madeGC W
116Box of valve socket adaptors U 159Amplion 'cabinette' loud speaker 2000 ohmsGC W
1174 rolls of vintage Double Cotton Covered (DCC) coil wireGC  160Philips 3002 eliminator GC U
118Box of CV/VT military/special quality valvesNOS  161Assorted pots and small Swiss precision motorGC U
119Collector's valve - Philips Record Airshipment label 5/4/1935DO  162master instruments 0 - 50 micro-amp meter in original boxGC W
120Amplion horn speaker NW 163Audio Transformers X4 o/c windingsPC NW
121Sharp portable tape recorder U 1642 portable transistor radios and portable CD playerGC U
122Box of old valves U 165Box early battery valves filaments OK 4VFC U
123Electro-acoustic sound projector U 166Box early ac valves filaments OKFC U
124Electric turntable W 167Standard Micronic Ruby transistor radioGC U
125Wooden cabinet for Astor 'Mickey OZ'  168Rapar 0-50 micro-amp meterGC U
126Admiral yellow plastic radio W 1693 Edison Ediphone Boxed cylinders 1 damagedFC U
127The 'Wonderful Wireless' record  170Philco cream bakelite radioPC U
128Healing white Bakelite radio W 1710- 25 mico-amp meterGC W
129Grebe 'Synchrophase' radio NW 172master instruments 0-1 milli amp meter in original boxGC W

HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 22/07/2017

173Hinki 0-50 micro-amp meter in original boxGC W 216AWA portableGC W
174Genemotor, completeGC U 217Paton valve testerGC U
175RCA AR88 Communications receiver and manualGC U 218Bush portable AM-FM GC W
17620 W Leak stereo amplifier with 'Point One' preamplifierVGC U 219Astor mickey whiteGC W
177CE Turntable with 2 tone arms VGC U 220Astor radio red colourGC W
1783 x Ortfon and 1x Neumann cartridges made in Germany GC U 221JVC graphic equalizerGC U
179Awesome RCA speaker, 15 inch Hi Fi Model LC1A in original BoxNIB U 222radiola portableGC W
180Stereophonic Decca ffss tone arm with cartridgeEC U 223AWA transmission testerGC U
181Old oscilloscope Teleequipment model D52FC U 224Box of metal valves GC W
182Digitor D2838 PB Amp/FM/TV/CB ReceiverGC U 225Box of goodies GC U
183Tandberg foot controller model F + acoustic sensor? U 226HMV radioGC W
184Boxed set of radio medalsNOS  227AWA radio cabinet with speaker (wooden)FC U
185Quad AM Tuner (AM2) BC LW SWGC W 228Aristone radio minus speakerFC NW
186Nordemende table radio 188WUFC NW 229Radio corporation AR14 receiver with coil boxesGC U
187AWA transistor radioGC U 230Eddystone 750 receiver needs dial cordGC W
188Astor model BPJ, plastic cabinet (broken)PC U 231EIL HCR-62 communications receiverGC W
189Box of miscellaneous items  232Breville Mantle radio timber caseGC W
190Rambler transistor radio U 233Realistic cartridge tape recorder broken beltGC NW
191Ferris radio AC - DC U 234Sony reel to reel tape recorderGC U
192Two Ferris radios AC - DC (Box 1) U 235Roland 8 channel mixerGC U
193Leader LSG10 U 236Horn loudspeaker wooden baseGC W
194Two Ferris radios AC - DC (Box 2) U 237Two PA speakers with cablesGC W
195Trio CRO U 238Box of assorted goodies some work and some dontGC U
196Superior Instruments MPL 76 U 239Box of assorted TV knobsGC W
197AVO Transistor tester with manual U 240Astor Mickey white colourGC NW
1982 x 6HF5 sweep tubes NIB U 241Small healing radio cabinet painted blueGC NW
19915 volt @ 100 amp ! pwr supplyGC U 242Small brown healing cabinet onlyGC U
200Home brew RF preselector FC U 243Large Brown Astor mantleGC W
201Straunburg Strauss console radio restoredGC W 244Admiral plastic radio colour creamGC U
202Astor Mickey brown bakeliteGC NW 245Admiral plastic radio light brownGC U
203Healing brown bakelite cabinetGC U 246Philips mantle radio with dial glass on topGC W
204Philips timber mantleFC NW 247AR8 x 2 one unmodified condition second many modsPC R
205High voltage power supply A&R transformersFC U 248Kenwood TS680 HF transceiver not working properly (VFO)GC RW
206Filament Transformer. 415 volt primary, 2.5 volt secGC U 249Stabilac Mains regulator GC W
207Box of metersVGC U 250Radiolette chassisFC NW
208Type 35T transmitting TubeNIB U
209Box Of Unfinished ProjectsFC U
210Box of Magic eye tubesGC U
211Siltronics CB radio with VFOFC NW
212Aviation light 1000 watt 30 voltGC W
213Wayne Kerr LCR BridgeGC U
214Paton valve tester VCT2FC U
215Philips radioGC W

Program by Ron Soutter for the HRSA Australia.