HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 08/04/2017
Condition codes (as provided by the sellers):
DO: Display Only, EC: Excellent Condition, FC: Fair Condition, GC: Good Condition, NIB: New in Box, NOS: New Old Stock, NW: Not Working, PC: Poor Condition, PO: Perfect Order, R: Restorable, RW: Requires Work, U: Untested/Unknown, VGC: Very Good Condition, W: Working.

1Astor Double Screen Grid Five in metal case, 1930 - 1931GC W 42AWA 17 inch TV model 202C 23 valve with service data handbook.+ U
2Atwater Kent model 42 mains powered radio in metal case, 110 VGC W 43AWA Radiola 45E (1931) original condition with service data.+ NW
3HMV table radio model 444VGC W 44AWA Radiola white marbled Empire State radioVGC NW
4Rogers Battery-less cathedral VGC W 45AWA Model 12496 mantel orange colour radioGC W
5Stromburg (not a misprint) cathedral VGC W 46Astor Mickey Model KM white Bakelite radioGC W
6AWA Fret and Foot battery radio, model 35A GC U 47RCA Radiola Type 3 A receiverGC U
7Dual Tone radio. Case and radio fully restoredVGC W 48Aegis Kit Set Brown Bakelite radioGC W
8Stromberg-Carlson model 53-A, cabinet and radio restored VGC W 49Philips model PCJJ speaker, brown BakeliteGC U
9Stromberg-Carlson model 501-A radio with model 5A cone speakerGC W 50Philips 'Sevenette' brown Bakelite speakerGC U
10AWA Radiola model 55E TRF consoleGC W 51Horn Speaker, unknown brandGC W
11Willsonia Super 5 (S53) 1926 complete with valves coils & P/SGC U 52Peter Pan Model JKL white Bakelite radioGC W
12Sterling 'Baby' horn speaker (1920s)GC W 53Arborphone 5 valve wooden coffin radioGC U
13Operatic compact portable by Bland Radio (Adelaide), circa 1948FC U 54Type 3 Mk. 2 Transceiver suitcase spy radioGC U
14Telefunken timber cabinet speaker with plug to suit ArcoletteGC W 55Astor Mickey Mouse Model EC , fully restoredEC W
15Bullphone horn driver unit, 2000 ohm, BakeliteGC W 56Monarch 5V dual wave Model DKJ fully restoredEC W
16Morse sounder with timber base, early 1900sGC W 57AWA Empire State white marbled, restored, minor repair to caseVGC W
17Small Philmore crystal setGC W 58AWA brown foot & fret model 42B complete, unrestoredGC U
18AWA Radiola R49GW wooden battery radio with original box & labelVGC U 59Red Astor Mickey Model KM, fully restoredEC W
19HMV miniature portable four valve radio model 484PFC U 60Essenay Bantam Brown Bakelite radio. Fully restoredEC W
20'Micro' transistor radio model TR714 in original box & caseGC W 61Airzone Bakelite radio+ W
21Clipsal Australian Morse Key, working orderFC W 62Stromberg Carlson Bakelite radio+ W
22Astor Mickey model KL, marbleVGC NW 63Healing pink and white plastic radio+ W
23Astor Mickey model KL, creamVGC NW 64Tom Thumb camera radio+ U
24Astor Mickey model KL, brownVGC NW 65Deutsche Kleinempfanger German WW2 people's radio+ NW
25Astor Mickey model KL, green, case has been repairedGC NW 66Radophone tombstone radio+ U
26Western Electric loud speaker amplifierVGC NW 67Replica Belmont push-button radio+ U
27Large horn loudspeaker, unidentified makerGC W 68Homecrafts tombstone radio+ U
28Scharnberg Strauss radio, 1940GC W 69Astor Mickey cream radio+ W
29STC console radio with turned wooden legsFC NW 70Astor Mickey brown radio+ W
30Vintage microphone, 1950sGC + 71DeForest RadioPhone, type F5-AL, battery, 1925, DO valvesVGC NW
31AWA Radiola model 84 'Egg Crate', pink, see 'Radio Days' P97EC W 72Strommy radiogram, model 54A12, 1950's, breadbox, 3 speed TTVGC W
32Traeger transceiver type TS-3GC U 73AWA Radiola, model 617TM, 1949, 7 band, timber mantelVGC W
33AWV display unit type A84702GC W 74TECNICO 'Fortress', model 1050, 1950-52, white bakelite mantelVGC W
34AWA Radiolette cigarette box, ivory. Repairs to hingeGC + 75AWA Radiola model 527MA, 1950, brown bakelite mantelVGC W
35HMV mantel radio, Glass covered wooden cabinet. (MGAR P 109)GC W 76PYE, model 9MSW, 1950's, multi-band timber mantelGC W
36Frame aerial by Grodan, SydneyGC + 77The FISK Radiola, model R95, 1950's, timber mantel, SW/MWVGC W
37Siemens Morse inkerGC + 78Hotpoint 'Bandmaster', model ?, 1940, red painted timber mantelVGC W
3878 RPM record player, Columbia GrafanolaGC + 79PHILCO model 46-40, 1941, brown bakelite mantelVGC W
39Cossor Melody MakerGC W 80Pioneer AM Stereo, model B160, valve receiver and amplifierVGC W
40Tasma mantel, model 601GC W 81Home Made Comms receiver has Aegis front end+ U
41Freed-Eisemann model FE15 5 valve TRF (1926)GC W 82Eddystone 770R VHF Rx Mech OK Complete - needs re-capping+ U

HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 08/04/2017

83Yaesu FTDX100 HF SSB transceiver Parts or restore+ U
84UHF 40ch Syntrx CB Complete speaker & microphone etc+ W
85Astor model JN, 'Harbour Bridge'VGC U
86AWA Radiolette model 33, 'Fret and Foot', black & greenVGC U
87Harmsworth Radio Encyclopaedia Three volumes.EC +
88Crosley model 5-38. 1920s Has Philips valves+ W
89RCA Radiola model 103 Tapestry speakerGC U
90Webora German crystal setGC U
91Stromberg-Carlson speckled green and white cabinet radioGC W
92AWA Radiolette black Bakelite cabinet radioGC U
93Ekco Model RM204 Mauve coloured radioGC W
94Howe Crystal radio setGC W
95Brownie No. 3 Crystal setGC W
96Ericsson Type 0/1002 Crystal setGC W
97Silvatone Model 8003 chromed metal cabinet radioGC U
98Airzone 'Cub' model 458 painted green radioGC W
99Grebe model CR-12 Coffin 4 valve radio, 1923GC U
100Murphy model M101 cream mantel, NZ madeGC W

Program by Ron Soutter for the HRSA Australia.