HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 18/02/2017
Condition codes (as provided by the sellers):
DO: Display Only, EC: Excellent Condition, FC: Fair Condition, GC: Good Condition, NIB: New in Box, NOS: New Old Stock, NW: Not Working, PC: Poor Condition, PO: Perfect Order, R: Restorable, RW: Requires Work, U: Untested/Unknown, VGC: Very Good Condition, W: Working.

1Warburton Franki VariacGC U 51Kriesler 'Beehive' dual wave chassisGC U
2Bag of 5 6A8G valves W 52Stromberg Carlson model 5A29 mantelGC U
3Box of transmitting valvesGC U 53Philips model 3002 'B' EliminatorFC U
4Box of power valvesGC U 54Philips model 100A chassisPC NW
5AVO model 8 multimeterPC RW 55Palec model VCT Valve and Circuit TesterGC U
6Murphy model M101 mantelGC U 56Philips model 122A mantel, cream, dial glass missingFC U
7RCA Radiola III AFC R 57Stromberg Carlson model 5B15 brown mantel. cracked cabinetGC U
8Astor mystery boxFC  58Philips battery mantelPC U
9Astor 3 valve mantel, orangeGC U 59Peter Pan model BKJ wooden mantelFC U
10Philco mantel, creamGC U 60Philips model BA501A wooden table modelFC U
11HMV 'Little Nipper', greenFC U 61Mullard model MAS1060B brown Bakelite mantel, cracked dialGC U
12Airzone model B408 'Cub' mantel, creamGC U 62National (South Australia) model JKL cream mantelGC U
13VanRuyten model P mantelFC U 63Philips model 122A, blue mantel, cracked cabinetFC U
14Astor Mickey model HK, creamFC U 64Tasma 'Roller Dial' chassis, no speakerPC NW
15Hotpoint model H556 mantelFC U 65Hotpoint M65ME brown Bakelite mantelGC U
16AWA Radiola battery mantelGC U 66Wireless Set No. 108 Mk.2GC U
17One valve twenties set in wooden cabinetGC U 67Bunnell Morse inkerFC U
18Aristone by KGH dual wave brown mantelGC U 68Philco model 41AA1 brown Bakelite mantelGC U
19Philips model 112 mantelFC U 69Hordura brown Bakelite mantelGC U
20Pale green Astor mantelGC U 70Philips model 112A, bars missing & cracked dialFC U
21Aristone brown mantelGC U 71STC model A4110, brown Bakelite mantel, speaker & dial glass missingGC NW
22Philco battery mantelPC RW 72Aristone cream mantel, no dial glassFC U
23Astor Mickey model KMFC U 73Philips model 124 brown Bakelite table radio, crack in cabinetGC U
24Philips cone speaker in Bakelite case, PCJJ JuniorFC W 74Mullard model MAS1001BPC U
25Astor Mickey model HQFC U 75Philips model 122BGC U
26Midlands brown mantelFC U 76STC model A150 brown Bakelite mantelGC U
27Mullard model MAS1001DGC U 77Philips (NL) model BX380 brown Bakelite table model radio VGC U
28Philco type 203 mantelGC U 78Tasma 'Roller Dial' dual wave brown Bakelite mantelGC U
29National Panasonic 'Toot A Loop' novelty transistor radioGC U 79Philips model 112 brown Bakelite mantel, dial glass missingFC U
30AORSM Vols 1 and 10GC  80STC model A250 brown mantelGC U
31Novelty transistor radio shaped as a rocketGC U 81HMV brown mantelFC U
32HMV cream Little NipperFC U 82HMV wooden table model in pieces in a boxFC NW
33Healing cream mantel model T401EFC U 83Philco sloping front wooden cabinet set, AC/DCGC U
34Stromberg Carlson brown mantel model 5B15GC U 84Unusual wooden cabinetGC 
35Unbranded brown mantelFC U 85Astor Mickey model KL, brownFC U
36Red novelty RADIO radioGC W 86Hotpoint model H55MEX, creamGC U
37Sears Roebuck push button mantelGC U 87Stromberg Carlson mantel, incompletePC NW
38AWA 500M mantelPC U 88Stromberg Carlson cream mantelFC U
39Bush dual wave push-button radioGC U 89Kriesler model 11-20, creamFC U
40Aristone 4 valve mantelGC U 90Amplion cone speaker model AC7VGC W
41Four valve mantel, creamFC U 91Monarch battery mantelFC U
42Philips model 1000 chassis in wooden STC cabinetFC U 92Lekmek 1938 tombstone radioFC U
43Kriesler model 11-20 (Plum Pudding)FC U 93Philips model 101CZFC U
44Electrosound metal case radioFC U 94Airzone model 6552AGC U
45STC model A141 chassis onlyFC U 95HMV 'Little Nipper', cream, knobs missingGC U
46Philips model 135B mantelFC U 96Healing model 501E Bakelite tombstone radioVGC U
47Aristone cream mantelFC U 97Airzone mains/battery portableGC U
48Philco cream mantel, broken cabinetFC U 98HMV model 326 Vibrator table radioFC U
49Astor Mickey model DL, no dial glassFC U 99ATR 2A military transceiverVGC U
50AWA Fisk Radiola Model 84 (Egg crate)FC U 100AWA Radiola model 49GV, 'Big Brother' vibrator mantelGC U

HRSA Melbourne Group Auction 18/02/2017

101Stromberg Carlson model 5B15 mantelPC U
102Astor model AN mantelPC U
103AWA Padiola model 520MY 'Fridge', brownFC U
104Kriesler model 11-20 painted pinkFC U
105Wooden table radio, unknown brandFC U
106Radiare wooden table modelFC U
107Mullard model MAS1005A Bakelite table radio, no dial glassFC U
108Astor model GJ brown Bakelite table radioGC U
109Classic wooden table radioGC U
110AWA Dual wave table model 5 valve radioVGC U
111Breville model 1-29 wooden 5 valve table radioGC U
112Novelty RADIO radio (Avon branded)VGC U
113Healing model 57A vibrator wooden table radioFC U
114Grawor 'Melodia' cone speaker, driver detachedPC U
115Peter Pan model FJJ brown Bakelite radioGC U
116Scan converter tube, Thomson type TMA416AGC U
117HP model 332A distortion meterGC U
118AWA Radiolette model 29 black (painted)VGC W
119Guild 'Town Crier' novelty radio (American - 110 volts)GC U
120Home made one valve 1920s radio, incompletePC NW
121Custom built 5 valve 3 dial TRF coffin radioVGC U
122Trimm 'Rex' horn speakerGC U
123Philco table radio, no speakerPC NW
124Stromberg Carlson model 496 wooden table radioFC U
125Unbranded horn speakerVGC W

Program by Ron Soutter for the HRSA Australia.