AWA Radiolette Book 3rd Edition Preface

The First Edition of the AWA Radiolette Book published by HRSA in 1997, was edited by Peter Hughes.

Peter not only assembled a large amount of service data previously published in several technical publications of the day but also by AWA, the manufacturers of the Radiolettes.

Peter also wrote a short technical description of each of the numerous Radiolette models produced from 1932 to 1949 thus illuminating for owners of these radios every detail needed for restoration of the sets but also providing a pictorial history with advertisements and brochures year by year.

The Second Edition was a revision by Ray Kelly and Warwick Woods of the first edition.

Graphic content was extensively edited with enhanced text and graphics.

The Second Edition was published by HRSA in 1998

The Third Edition of the AWA Radiolette Book edited by Philip Leahy now follows 17 years later during which time membership of HRSA had increased considerably, and in 2015 a further edition was considered necessary to fill the needs of members.

Philip Leahy has completely revised and expanded the book and provided a comprehensive index to the material included for each Radiolette model.

Further technical data has been added where appropriate together with some original brochure material. Several circuits have been reviewed and redrawn where considered necessary. New coordinated graphics have been included to provide ready identification for most of the Radiolette models.

Notes On Catalogue Numbers

Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Limited (AWA) also used a Catalogue number to identify some early radio sets being or to be produced, and that system was eventually replaced using just the Model number to identify its radio sets.

In several places in this book, numbers commencing with the letter C will be found, which are not Model numbers but early Catalogue numbers, which should not be confused with Model numbers but should be read in conjunction with the Model numbers.

Notes On Radiolettes as Radiolas

Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Limited (AWA) which was renowned for producing the excellent range of Radiola radios over the years, in 1932 decided to name its small-chassis sets 'Radiolettes', hence the subject of this book detailing much technical information about the Radiolettes which were then produced by AWA; however both ,'Empire State', Radiolettes and the 'Egg-crate' Radiolettes were also branded (in some cases) 'Radiola', so circuits for those Radiolettes as Radiolas included in this book are Models 48, 48G, 84, 84X, 84Y, 86, 86Z, 92X, and 92Y.

Philip Leahy July 2015