Mammoth 2-Day Auction

Mammoth 2-Day Auction & Market: History under the Hammer

The HRSA presents the Lou Albert Collection

Sept 30/Oct 1 2017 at the Guides Hall, 6 Lamington Drive (off Burton), Warner's Bay, NSW
Lou Albert, foundation HRSA member, has been gathering everything to do with Aussie wireless since 1972, and is calling time on his mammoth historical collection. It takes in the sixty years from 1905 to 1965, with an unparalleled range of receivers from the golden years of broadcast, plus specialty telephone, phonograph & transistor sections. Of special note are Marconi era and Marconi branded items from the WWI period. Not to be missed by the serious collector/historian.


Lou has spent much of the last 45 years in restoration. Ninety per cent of the offering he has had working at the time, though due to the volume there has been no chance of testing during listing. Because of this no guarantees can be offered, but most buyers should be in for pleasant surprises. Some of Lou's beautiful cabinet restorations will also be in evidence.


A few earlier sets have been checked for valves (filament continuity) and audio frequency transformers during listing. All those that were tested checked good.


Values are only indicative, and do not necessarily represent reserves. Many items carry no reserve. Estimates begin below current market value, and are set to avoid ludicrous bidding. They allow for rarity, condition, valve value, any provenant literature, and extras.


Beyond the main auction there will be a large separate market place, crammed with desirables & opened only at the times specified in end notes.



For clearer picture and more detail, click on the thumbnail. For more details on individual lots, or for a still more detailed catalogue and site access information, see one of our organisers whose address you'll find below.

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    The auction and sale will take place over a long w/end in NSW & Qld, offering the opportunity for people from those states to travel home on the Monday. To leave a confidential bid, or make other bidding enquiries.....etc. Contact Richard on or 02 6238 2246

    Essential details on program, accommodation, food, and parking are laid out at the end of the listing. Please read those extra carefully.


    • Inspection (auction items only) from 8.00am Sat Sept 30, 2017 in Guides Hall, above address.
    • Auction Program: Saturday 8am open for inspection
    • Auction 10.30 am - 12.30 pm, and 1.30 pm - 3.00pm
    • Sunday 9.30 am - finish. Start time is 10.30 on the 30/9/2017, 10.30 Daylight Saving Time on 1/10/2017.
    • Market will be open ONLY 3pm-6pm Saturday and from late morning - 5pm Sunday
    • FOOD: Will be provided at very reasonable charges on-site by the Guides in whose halls we meet. Please avoid bringing extra there should be plenty for all.
    • ACCOMODATION: Your own arrangements might be expedited by the following links at and
    Given that it's a long weekend, early bookings are important.


    Two parking areas at the hall, street parking also available.


    We suggest printing off your own and bringing it along. There will be some for sale, but due to catalogue length printing costs will be minimised.

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    For all other enquiries, contact any of the following: